Shower of Grace, songs from a lifetime

by Paul Gioia

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My own listening tastes range from blues, jazz and gospel to celtic and reggae, though some of those styles are hard to incorporate into a community singing context. The songs I've written over the years reflect some of those tastes and include my best attempts to get people moving to a backbeat. I've found it inspiring and encouraging to help people get into something more than the normal Christian music fare, at least that used for community singing within our Christian subculture. I've also struggled to write lyrics that don't just talk about feeling good, but encompass the range of human emotions we bring before God, as well as talking about the injustices we see around us and bringing God into the struggle.


released January 1, 2001

Thanks to the following: my wife, Caryl, and Andrew and David for having to cope with an absent husband and father; Graham and Sandra for waking me up from a long sleep; my community for supporting and underwriting this project; my home group for many moments of insanity and insight, Glen Brooks and Richard Rohr for supplying the inspiration for the title track; Rochelle for all her love and support, and for many hours of proof-reading the book; all the wonderful musicians on the CD, many of whom gave up their time free of charge; Mark and Lindy for helping me to stay sane and recognise the love of God when it was there in my face; Ken Maley for the cover photo; Roger, who told me to never stop playing. I haven’t.

The recording was sponsored by Scope Music. Thanks to Ian and Adie and everyone at Scope Music (visit their website!), generous way past the call of duty. CD cover and music book design by The Globe.


all rights reserved



Paul Gioia Perth, Australia

For decades Paul Gioia performed a unique mix of pumped up blues and gospel piano, as well as accordion and hammond organ. With a background steeped in blues and jazz, Paul performed in a number of solo, duet and band configurations, including tin dog and the Paul Gioia Trio. Paul sadly passed away in 2019. ... more

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Track Name: Faithful and True
Glory, glory and power
Salvation belongs to our God
Just and true are His judgements

Faithful and true
Riding a white horse
Eyes like a blazing fire
And crowned with many crowns.

Praise our God, all you His servants
You who fear Him, great and small
Come, rejoice! Give Him glory
The wedding of the Lamb has come.

Hear! His name is the Word of God
Dressed in a robe dipped in blood
He will rule with a rod of iron
King of kings and Lord of Lords.
Track Name: Why Do You Love Me?
(Psalm 116)

Why do you love me
Even when I hurt you?
Why do you hold me
When I cry?
Why will you love me
Until the end of time?

I love the Lord for he has heard my voice
I will call on him as long as I live
Cords of death entangled me
I called on the Lord: O Lord save me!

God has saved my soul from death
My feet from stumbling, my eyes from tears
That I may walk before the Lord
In the land of the living

How can I repay the Lord?
For all his goodness to me, to me.
I will honour my promise to God
Freed from my chains I’ll praise the Lord!
Track Name: Long May He Reign
He will judge your people with righteousness
Your afflicted ones with justice
From the mountains the people prosper
From the hills: the fruit of righteousness

He will defend the afflicted ones
And save the children of the needy
He will crush the tyrant
He will be as enduring as the sun

Long may he live. Long may he reign.
Long may his name see the sun.
Long may he live. Long may we pray.
Long may we bless him all the day.
Long may he live!

He will rescue the needy who cry out
The afflicted ones who have no-one
He will pity the weak and needy
He will save them - precious in his sight

All the nations will be blessed through him
And they will call him blessed
Praise be to the God of Israel
Praise be to his glorious name
Track Name: Shower of Grace
(Mark 5: 21-34)

Who can understand this man-messiah
Who turns no-one away, turns no-one away?
Who can understand how just a simple touch
Can heal my wounded heart, heal my wounded heart.

There’s nothing I can do
To scare your grace away
No foolish thing I do
No foolish thing I say
Under the shadow of a cross
Under a shower of grace
I feel the Father’s healing hands
And touch His smiling face

You don’t fear the things that make me hide in shame
You love me as I am, love me as I am
Take this burdened heart, lift these chains away
Turn bitterness to peace, bitterness to peace.

Where your Spirit leads, I know tears may follow
The wind blows where it will, wind blows where it will
Yet I trust in you and pray for tomorrow
Turn sorrow into joy, sorrow into joy.
Track Name: Step By Step
I look to you when I am stranded
Under these dark and angry skies
I reach for you when I am sinking
And, step by step, I walk to you.

If I should doubt you
You would not turn from me
You would not leave me,
Would not abandon me.
If I should trust you
Then I might see your face,
Then I might see your face and live.

Jesus my Lord, my God and Saviour
When will you come and rescue me?
When will you wipe the tears of my suffering?
When will you come and walk with me?

You are my light, bright beacon in darkness,
You are the flame that leads me through.
You are my guide who moves me through sorrow
And, step by step, I walk with you.
Track Name: Still Small Voice
See Elijah in the shade of a tree
See him praying that he would die.
He is touched by the angel of God
Under heaven’s eye

Maybe that’s His shout in the thunder
Maybe that’s His cry in the fire
Maybe that’s the sound of the Father
In that still small voice

Drinking water and breaking bread
With the desert all around
Is encouraged by the angel of God
On that holy ground

Like a garden hidden in shifting sands
God waits for his own
In the desert where the demons abound
Is the Father’s throne
Track Name: I Will Exalt You
I will exalt you O Lord
You lifted me out of despair
Lord God I called and you healed me
You have spared me from the grave

Sing unto the Lord you saints
And praise his holy name
For his anger lasts a moment
But his love remains

Weeping may linger for the night
But morning brings cause to rejoice
When I’m in your favour I am strong
When your face is hid I’m dismayed

Unto you O Lord I cried
For mercy, Lord, I cried
Is there gain in my destruction?
Will my dust praise you?

You have turned wailing into dancing
You have turned sackcloth into joy
Track Name: When Your Spirit Moves
When your Spirit moves in grace and wonder
Open up my heart of fear
Let me take the steps across the water
Keep my vision clear

I am a child, a child in need of a father
How can I be that close, so close to you?
When I resist your touch
I know you still love me
When I run through the night
Your love shines through

As your Spirit moves amongst our numbers
Heal us from our doubting minds
Heal us from our straight and narrowed vision
Let us be the signs

As your Spirit moulds my circumstances
Give me ears to hear your voice
Let me know the risks, help me take the chances
Make your will my choice
Track Name: Rochelle Fleming - Spirit Of Unity
Sincere in love, devote yourselves to one another
In brotherly love serve the Lord
Have joy in hope, patience in grief, in God’s Spirit burn
Forever faithful in prayer.

Now the hour has come
For you to awake from your slumber
The night nearly gone, take God’s hand,
Share the light

Please not ourselves, build others up
Their burdens we must bear
Remember Christ’s suffering for us.
The scriptures teach us to endure
They give encouragement.
So trust till that final day.

So let’s accept each other in,
As Christ received us.
To love, use his strength not ours.
Then with one heart, and with one mouth
We’ll glorify God in Spirit of Unity
Track Name: Where Could I Run To?
(Psalm 139)

Lord you’ve searched me, and you know me
And you know where I am
You know what I’m thinking, where I’m going
Lord you know what I am

Where could I run from you?
And hide from your Spirit’s stare
Up into the heavens
Down to the depths of night
Wherever I go you are always there.

You’re before me, and behind me
I could hide in your hand.
Oh such knowledge - who can know it?
I just can’t understand.

If I sailed across the ocean
To a distant land
You would still be there beside me
Holding me in your hand
Track Name: Jesus and Me
When I’m feeling frightened and small
I don’t have to worry at all
‘Cause He makes me feel strong and tall
Jesus and me

He loves boys and girls just like me
Even if they’re one, two or three
I’d like to ask Jesus for tea
Jesus and me

I just want to sing and shout
He loves me inside out
That’s what it’s all about
Jesus and me

He’ll stay with me till the end
He’s someone on whom I depend
He’s certainly my special friend
Jesus and me
Track Name: Some Great Day
(Isaiah 58)

Shout aloud. Tell my people
My lips are sealed
While they look for me day after day
Cryin’ Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Looking for me day after day.

Yes, they ask me for wisdom
They fast for a day
But my heart cries out to the poor
While you fast one day, one day, one day
My heart cries out to the poor. Oh...

Some day
Lord, on some great day
A light will shine
Night will turn to day

Loose the chains of injustice
The poor, set them free
Then the Lord will say "Here am I"
Then your light will shine, will shine like the dawn
The Lord will say "Here am I". Oh...

Fight the yoke of oppression
Love the poor
Then you’ll find your joy in the Lord
Finding joy, Oh joy, Oh joy, Oh joy
You’ll find your joy in the Lord. Oh...

Some day
Lord, on some great day
The only tears we’ll cry
Are tears of joy
Track Name: Comfort My Trembling Heart
Without a leg to stand on firmly
Without a hand to hold, to catch me from falling
Without a shield to guard me safely from arrows
All I can say is...

Lord, Save me. Save me!
Have mercy on a sinner.
I see the prize away in the distance
All I can say...
Please comfort my trembling heart

I think of Job and changing fortunes
I think of all the prayers that wait for an answer
I think about your mystery making me speechless
All I can say is...

I see your face in all creation
Still takes my breath away, those distant constellations
And I’m so small before your grand inspiration
All I can say is...

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